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Shading Brighton - Suncover

Shading Brighton - Suncover, servicing the Brighton and surrounding area, specialise in recreational, domestic and commercial outdoor shading, pergolas and verandas.

That elegant arch, that sturdy construction – it can only be a SunCover, the carport designed with strength
and beauty in mind.

Beyond its beautiful design, SunCover brings durability, ease of care and above all, protection
from the elements.

No more standing in the rain or glaring sun, fumbling for your keys. No more picnics or parties ruined by bad weather. No more worries about harmful sun damage.

SunCover blocks 98% of damaging UV rays. It protects from rain, hail, snow and frost.

And it’s built to last. Designed by Japanese engineers and built with German materials, your SunCover
carport is 200 times stronger than glass, resists both rust and termites, and can withstand
fierce winds (up to 151 kph).

A SunCover carport can be installed in less than a day, and care means just an occasional wipe-down.

We hear it all the time: "‘I love my SunCover! It’s the best buy I’ve made in a long time!’

We couldn’t say it any better.

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Shading Brighton - Suncover


Brighton, Victoria


0412 806 916

Shading Brighton - Suncover



Pools and Outdoor Entertainment Spots

It’s fun to splash around in the pool or relax on the patio – but what about those damaging rays? SunCover gives you the best of both worlds, blocking the rays and giving you coverage from a surprise rain shower.
Relax – you’ve got a SunCover.

pool suncover



Cars get beat up by the sun, rain and snow – and the paint shows it. Both you and your car will be protected from the elements under a SunCover, which gives shelter while allowing sunlight in.

BMW suncover

Multi-Unit Parking

SunCover has a design and a solution for just about any parking situation – even lots of cars. A SunCover carport can solve that parking problem you’ve been scratching your head over – and at a great price. Try building a multi-unit parking structure for what a SunCover costs!
And the open design is a security plus – no dark corners.

multi suncover

Shading Brighton - Suncover - Operating Hours

Monday - Sunday
9am - 5pm

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Shading Brighton - Suncover

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